I have a blog now.

Well, I've had infrastructure in place for a blog for a while now, but I never really used it. Something I find very hard is coming up with good things to write about, but hopefully that changes soon so I can make good use of this. Most of the content will probably just be me ranting about random technical shit but really I just wan't to speak what's on my mind here.

For the more technical aspect, a lot of what I have in place for the blog is actually forked from opal hart's site but modified for my own usage. Essentially its a couple of shell scripts that manage creating blog posts and generating a listing of them, with the generation part being driven by the Makefile that builds the rest of the site.

If you wish to comment on anything I say here, I honestly do not have plans to set anything up for that, but you could try emailing me with any comments you have and I'll probably respond to them if they are legitimate.

Anyway, lets see if this actually goes somewhere rather than just sits here to bitrot.