my dumbass toaster

art by wez_zen

This is my OC, or much more accurately, how I choose to present myself online. He's otherwise unnamed but if a name must be given, its obviously going to be "Dark".

For any artists who got sent this page, the above ref sheet should be enough to draw it, but I'd like to provide some more context in regards to some details that may be overlooked.

Color Pallete

#5c9bfe - Blue Emissives
#5e7cb8 - Blue Fur
#e4e5ea - White Fur
#2f3440 - Dark Gray Fur
#c9cfe2 - Metals
#17191f - Visor

These are the colors i request that you use in any flat shaded art. Anything not listed here should just be given a reasonable color, and if needed, these colors can be changed to match a scene as long as the hue and relative brightness is consistent.

For shaded art, emissives are glowing, metals have a brushed appearance, the visor may have some light reflecting off of it.


The head is mostly canonical with a round visor (no flat surfaces), You can use this image by CoolKoinu if you for whatever reason need a reference as to what's under the visor.

Art Gallery

artist: lee

artist: shlimaz

artist: wez_zen

artist: Kibishi

artist: Matix